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                           Welcome Back!

We’ll spend some time this year building habits that will help you do well in high school.  Each of these works in all subjects, not just English, so give them a try!

General tips for success, which are worth a reminder:

Be on time, bring materials, actively participate in class, write down homework and complete it on time.

Other habits are more specific to our culture at Ladue, and may take more effort to develop.  How many of these sound like your behaviors?

Successful students at Ladue will:

     Take notes while they read, consult those notes again before


    Make a plan each Blue Day for Seminar before leaving the


     Have a calendar that merges all due dates

     Contact teachers and other resources when needed

     Begin studying for tests prior to the night before

     Get a good night’s sleep and eat breakfast

     WANT something from school

Good luck, and I look forward to working with all of you.


Room:  Library #3

(314)993-6447 X 5712